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Top 10 Unicorn Coloring Pages For Kids To Add To Your Printable Collection

We have all heard the stories of the marvelous, mythical, magical unicorns as they’ve been passed on to generations after generations for thousands of years. They’ve been introduced with a new concept in this modern age as you can come across hundreds of unicorn coloring pages today and give your kids something to learn about these mythical creatures and have fun.

What Are Unicorn Coloring Pages?

unicorn coloring pages

Do you believe in Unicorn to be the magical creatures? European fables introduced this wonderful creature for the first time. Physically, there is close resemblance between a unicorn and a horse with only exception that a small horn protrudes from the forehead of a unicorn. There are facial hair in some renditions too while others have a goat’s hooves as well. It is believed that these are the magical creatures whose horns can neutralize poison. In fact, they can even turn the poisoned water to potable liquid.

If you are familiar with the concept of color pages, you’d know that these Unicorn color pages can make a great idea to give your kids an interesting activity both in everyday routine and on special occasions. Kids are always interested in something they can fantasize and giving them something magical to relate to is really a great idea. There can be a lot of unique implementations of the Unicorn in which kids can color and learn a lot along the way.

Top 10 Unicorn Color Pages For Kids

Here we have brought to you some of the cutest and the most outstanding unicorn color pages ideas that you can consider for your kids. These educational and fun color pages can be downloaded for free and you can get them printed for your kids as they enter a whole new world of fantasy and wonders. They’ll definitely get to learn about the magical creature more and will spend some quality time. Let your kids spread their creativity on the color pages and make some bold color choices. Let’s have a look at these top 10 color sheets that you can consider downloading now.

  1. U For Unicorn

Your kids learn about the different letters and sounds in the kindergarten and you can prepare them for this beforehand. This color sheet features the English alphabet U and a beautiful Unicorn image. As your kids color this coloring sheet, you can tell them to pronounce U for Unicorn. Let them color the magical creature just the way they like and they’ll learn the alphabet at the same time as well. Add further dimension to this picture with the help of glitter or some other medium of art.

  1. American Unicorn

Another wonderful color page to consider for your kids this summer, this one features the iconic American Unicorn. It’s like the white horse and the exception is that straight horn somewhere around the temples. You can tell your kids that the figure is popular for purifying air and water. The female unicorns can run at twice the pace of the male American Unicorn. It loves eating blackberries and clover. That’s quite a piece of information and your kids will definitely love it.

  1. Karkadann

If you aren’t already familiar with Karkadann, it’s an extinct unicorn species. There was a time when this species flourished on the deserts and grass plains of India, Persia, and Africa. The large unicorn had a big body like the rhinoceros while its tail looked like that of a lion. The strength and ferocity of this unicorn earned it great respect. It also had a close resemblance with the Oryx. Tell these features of the unicorn to your kids as they color it through.

  1. Cartazon

This is another wonderful option among unicorn coloring pages for kids. Ask your little ones to draw a cool background resembling a forest or a castle for making the picture look even better. Want to give them some background information about this unicorn? Well, it’s a big mountain unicorn which is usually found in black color and is known for its tawny mane, tail of a goat, and a pointed, sharp horn. What sets this unicorn apart is its unique attributes of being kind and gentle. On the downside, it does not possess any magical powers.

  1. Kirin

It is a coloring sheet that features the Asian Unicorn, Kirin. This unicorn looks more like a stag than a horse and its body is like the musk deer while its tail is that of an OX. The multicolored belly of this unicorn sets it apart and that’s what allows it to be identified easily.

  1. Lancelot

This is another unique unicorn from California that resembles a goat. There’s a horn on its head like a typical unicorn though. The popular creature is associated with mystery and beauty as well.

  1. Unicorn Above The Clouds

As we have mentioned that Unicorns are considered a mythical and magical creature, this coloring sheet reflects just that. It portrays a unicorn flying above the clouds and relates to many fairy tales. Your kids will surely love it.

  1. European Unicorn

The coloring sheet features a European Unicorn with a slightly twisted horn which is pretty sharp as well. The unicorn in the picture features large ears and big, brown eyes while its mane is just like a horse. Let your kids pick beautiful colors and shades to portray a beautiful picture.

  1. Shadhavar

It’s a gazelle-like, delicate unicorn with a hollow horn. When the wind flows through that hollow horn, it creates a cool, flute-like music. Tell your kids that the carnivorous unicorn is often considered as an evil and see their reactions.

  1. Persian Unicorn

Ever saw a unicorn that resembles donkeys? These are the Persian Unicorns that have three legs, six eyes and a horn on their forehead. However, their body resembles the donkeys. They have some religious background too. Just explore more about them and share their stories with your kids as they color in the coloring sheet.

Benefits Of Unicorn Coloring Sheets

Well, there are some special benefits of these unicorn coloring sheets along with the common benefits that are often associated with the coloring pages. Some of these include the following.

  • They help kids learn more about the life mysteries.
  • With these, the kids can relate more to magic and the world of fantasies.
  • Kids enjoy painting these pictures and create a fantasy world of their own.
  • They are quite unique and have different background stories that kids find interesting.
  • They help kids learn to focus and make decisions with color choices.

So, what are you waiting for then? Get your hands at the best unicorn coloring pages and give your kids a special activity to indulge in. Let them take their fantasies to the next level with these beautiful coloring sheets.

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