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We appreciate your trust in thecolorpages.com and thank you for using our service. The use of our services is, however, governed by these Terms & Conditions. By opting to use our Services, you agree to these Terms & Conditions. If you don’t agree to the terms mentioned herewith, you must not use the Services provided by thecolorpages.com.

Responsibility of The User

  1. The user of this website must use the services in compliance with any legal and statutory provisions. It’s due on the user not to provide, use or link any contents that are violating any laws of country, youth protection laws, current penal laws, and regulations and provisions of data protection. It’s the responsibility of the user to check and ensure this continuously.
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  3. The responsibility of any technical devices, hardware, software and communication means being used is also on the user. It’s also applicable to their security and appropriateness. The user is also liable to immediately inform thecolorpages.com about any malfunctions or failures of any of the aforementioned and describe all details and circumstances precisely.

Changes To Any Services

The features of this website may change over time without any prior notice. We may add some new features or withdraw existing ones as needed.


  1. We do not charge anything for the services we offer. Our services are funded by ads which are displayed on our website alone.
  2. There are no download limits either and we’re always fair in what we do. There aren’t any limits on how many times you can download the coloring pages from our website and we will never ask you for any payments in the future. We will not charge you ever for retrospectively using your Services in whatever way possible.

Shutdown Policy

In case, if we have to shut our service down in future for any reason whatsoever, we’ll notify it prominently on our website well in time.

Limitation Of The Liability

We shall not be liable in any case whatsoever for any damages or data loss in any shape possible. There will be no legal obligation on us to pay for any kind of loss that happens due to your own negligence.


It is on top of our priority list to offer good Service and ensure maximum up time. However, there are things that are beyond our control and we can’t offer any guarantees on them. We do not make any warranties for the services that we offer and we don’t promise anything about specific functions of our service, its availability or reliability.

Changes To These Terms

The right to make changes to these Terms anytime is reserved with us. You will always find most recent version of the Terms & Conditions on this page. By choosing to continue using our Services after any changes are effectively in place, you agree on all revised Terms & Conditions.