Halloween Coloring Pages

Top 10 Halloween Coloring Pages For Kids To Consider This 2021 To Keep Them Entertained

Halloween is a festival that kids love for all those candies they get and it’s really the best time of the year for enjoyment and entertainment for kids. Celebrated on 31st of October every year, it involves some unique and amazing activities like costume parties, lighting bonfires, trick or treat, watching those scariest of movies, and playing pranks with the family. Add to that list another cool activity this year i.e. Halloween coloring pages.

10 Halloween Coloring Pages For Kids

Halloween Coloring Pages

The Halloween coloring pages really make an amazing way of getting kids ready for that spooky spirit. Obviously, kids always love showing their creativity on those coloring pages no matter what’s presented to them and you can consider these coloring pages ideas presented here to keep your kids entertained this season.

  1. Happy Halloween

Let your kids share the Halloween greetings using this beautiful coloring sheet that features the bold Happy Halloween written on it. The coloring page will be helpful for your little ones in developing their reading skills.

The coloring sheet makes an ideal choice for making some wonderful Halloween Greeting Cards. Tell your kids to color all the letters using different colors of their choice. It will make the coloring page look unique and beautiful and will also help your child develop their skills with making different color combinations. Also help them learn the Halloween spelling. Tracing the letters and memorizing them will definitely make a cool activity on the Halloween evening.

  1. Jack-O-Lantern


This is another cool coloring sheet that would be ready to make your nights glow. Just hand your kids some beautiful and bright colors and let them bring their creativity out.

The lantern featured on this coloring page has a unique spooky expression to it which will bring some giggles on your kids’ face for sure. It will help kids boost their motor skills as they color it through.

  1. Witch

The wart nosed witch on her infamous broomstick gives all the spooky vibes for the Halloween season. As she’s ready for some new mischief, ask your kids to come up with some unique story of their own describing what she is up to next.

Let the kids to give a few Halloween colors to the wicked woman and let them decide what colors to give to her outfit. The coloring page is definitely going to fill the day of your kids with some scary and spooky fun.

  1. Cat

What do you see in this Halloween coloring page? Do you find a cat dressed up like a witch or you are looking at a witch that is dressed up like a cat? Whatever it is, it’s something special to hand to your kids on a spooky night.

This coloring sheet brings your kids a cute little kitty friend that is dressed up like a typical witch and is taking a ride on the broomstick. She is also tightly holding on to a Jack-o-Lantern. Hand over the crayons to your kids and let them bring their creativity out by filling it in with some fun colors. It will improve their hand-eye coordination besides giving them a unique and fun way of celebrating Halloween.

  1. Bat

Let your kids celebrate Halloween using this simple color page that features a nice, spooky bat. Ask the kid to add some color to it and let that spooky feeling come out of it. It will be fun adding color to the small Halloween monster and your kids are surely going to love it. You can even use this coloring sheet as your Halloween decoration.

  1. Disney

If you want Halloween coloring pages that look cuter than being scary, this is the one for you. This beautiful coloring sheet comes with a couple of iconic Disney cartoons Pluto and Mickey on it and kids always love them. Even though it is not the spookiest of coloring pages around, your kids are still going to love it.

  1. Dracula

This one is about that deadliest Count Dracula. The vampire has somehow managed to sneak through a graveyard and wants to have a bit of fun. Just ask your kids to color the new vampire and have some Halloween fun.

  1. Hello Kitty

The beautiful coloring sheet features the popular ‘Hello Kitty’ wish for the Halloween. It also features a nice and spooky ghost along with a simple pumpkin lantern. The coloring sheet will surely get your kid into that Halloween spirit. The Japanese doll looks amazing and her bright, warm-hearted and cheerful kitty loves cooking in the spare time. Your kids will love this new affiliation as they color through such Halloween coloring pages.

  1. Dora

Dora has been a favorite for little girls for quite some time and she really makes a wonderful Halloween wish too. Anything that features ‘Dora – the explorer’ is attractive for the little kids and the same applies to this beautiful image of Halloween coloring pages. They will love coloring her dress, shoes and everything else on her new trip. While your kids do the coloring, they’ll learn to make amazing new color combinations.

  1. Garfield

Another beautiful coloring sheet, this one boasts of Garfield popping out from the Jack-O-Lantern. They both seem quite excited for the Halloween. Just ask your kids to fill them with the colors they love. If you don’t remember the protagonist character Garfield, it’s an overweight, tabby cat in orange color that is popular for its laziness, sarcasm, arrogance, and some serious passion for food. And your kids will definitely love playing with the colors as they will fill in this coloring sheet.

So, are you ready for the Halloween? What about these amazing Halloween coloring pages? You are surely going to love the activity and so will your kids. There can be so many wonderful ideas for Halloween celebrations and Halloween coloring pages make the best of the lot. Just decide which coloring pages your kids would love and download and print them right away!

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