Coloring Pages For Adults

Coloring Pages For Adults Bring Great Therapeutic Benefits: Research Says

Coloring pages that once used to be popular among the kids only are now getting traction in the adults market as well. One might see them as a cool activity to keep kids busy, but they can have some serious therapeutic benefits for the adults as well. Increasing number of men and women today seem interested in coloring those mandalas, animals, zentangles, popular paintings, patterns, doodles, sugar sculls, and various other intricate imagery. If you’re already wondering why, the answer is pretty simple. It is due to the anti-stress effects associated with the coloring pages for adults. Adults rely on them for finding tranquility, reducing anxiety, and bringing more mindfulness.

So, why don’t you grab a few crayons, relax while coloring those beautiful pages and find the zen amidst all the chaos you have in your adult life.

Therapeutic Benefits Of Coloring Pages For Adults

Coloring Pages For Adults

As mentioned earlier, the coloring pages for adults come with a lot of different therapeutic benefits and they can be helpful in generating wellness, mindfulness, quietness, and other serious benefits often imparted on the human brain through meditation. So, let’s explore all these amazing benefits and try to figure out why you should also start playing with those coloring pages for adults alongside your kids.

  1. Coloring Pages For Adults Can De-Stress You

Can Reduce Stress

Carl Jung was among the few earliest scientists who studied those amazing therapeutic effects of the coloring pages. His study was about the effects of coloring Mandalas and he did his research early in 20th century. Jung used Mandalas having concentric circles as well as various geometrical patterns for some of his patients and it revealed that they felt calmer and less stressed as they colored them. So, if you are using coloring pages for adults for the therapeutic benefits they have to offer, you can expect them to provide you some quick stress relief.

  1. Coloring Helps Activate Both The Sections In Cerebral Hemisphere

Helps Activate Both The Sections In Cerebral Hemisphere

The psychologist Gloria Martinez Ayala believes that the actions you perform while coloring not only involve creativity but logic as well. When you logically pick colors for a certain pattern or shape, you activate your brain’s analytical part. And, when you start mixing and matching different colors to make the pictures and patterns look more attractive, your brain’s creative side is activated. It turns out to be helpful in incorporating both the areas of your cerebral cortex that controls your vision and helps you with fine-tuning your motor skills and coordination.

  1. Coloring Pages For Adults Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

Back To Your Childhood

Adults always remember the time of their childhood as good old days and when they color the coloring pages, they’re simply transported back to those amazing stress-free days. And when you get the flashbacks of your happy childhood memories, it helps you feel relaxed and optimistic energizing you for what’s coming at you in the future.

  1. Coloring Has A Meditation Effect

Meditation Effect

Meditation refers to an art that involves doing nothing. Yes, it’s the art of ‘de-concentrating’ that helps you relax as well as reduce that unnecessary chatter of your restless mind. While most of us find it really hard to meditate, the coloring pages that are meant for adults can easily help you to induce that same meditative effect. It’s no wonder why most of the publishers across UK, USA, and France have designed coloring books tailored for adults only. Coloring Mandalas can be particularly relaxing because coloring through those round circles and the concentric designs can relax your mind and help you to be more mindful. Besides, it will also help you stay focused on present moment only, similar to what meditation helps you achieve.

  1. Coloring Pages For Adults Can Help Get Rid Of Anxiety

Among the common mental conditions that adults are affected from, anxiety comes on top of the list. Panic attacks and anxiety can lead to various symptoms such as thoughts of dying, nausea, excessive worry, headaches, fever, chills, insomnia, etc. The use of color pages for adults allows therapists to help provide some relaxation to their patients. With artistic expression, the patients are allowed to get some deeper relaxation promoting effectiveness of various other therapy forms they go through. Now, the research shows that the coloring books for adults can make a perfect lead up to the conventional or regular therapy used for different mental disorders.

  1. Coloring Can Help Adults Re-Discover Themselves

Re-Discover Themselves

Quite often, adults have to indulge in boring housework, managing jobs, etc. However, coloring pages can make a great way for them to kill such boring routine and feel more relaxed and comfortable when their long and tiring day ends. Such activities can also help them in being with their own thoughts and re-discover themselves. Quite often, adults have used coloring pages for rediscovering themselves by downloading them online or relying on the ones available offline in the market. Even the free coloring apps could be downloaded or they can get coloring printables online to relax by indulging in an activity that doesn’t have any serious mental or physical effort involved in it.

  1. Coloring Pages For Adults Make A Perfect Therapeutic Choice For Various Diseases

Yes, that’s true! The coloring books for adults can be used effectively for patients, particularly those fighting serious health concerns such as epilepsy. Cari Schofield from Stockbridge makes a perfect example for that. She had multiple limitations to deal with due to her epilepsy. However, when she started coloring those patterned pages, she finds herself more relaxed and can calm down easily while alleviating the epileptic attacks at the same time. In the beginning, she used to have jerky movements of the hands and had problems in holding pencils or pens for drawing. However, the use of coloring pages for adults has helped her enjoy the activity and be more apt at it.

  1. Coloring Can Give You A Creativity Spark

Creativity Spark

A common benefit of these coloring books, and the reason why many adults love this activity, is that they are helpful in igniting creativity. Most adults experience that in different other areas of lives as well and if that’s something which makes you feel comfortable, you’d love getting that from any source. The adults who indulge in activities like coloring pages for adults are often good at picking perfect color combinations for their interiors, clothes, etc. Besides, these pages and books also help them in being more creative at their jobs too, activities that involve analytical think, and also different other aspects of their routine work.

  1. Coloring Pages Can Help Reconnecting With Your Inner Child

Inner Child

If you have heard of inner child healing therapy, you’d know that it is something that helps disturbed adults who treat themselves harshly. Adults usually have a few areas of their lives on which they need to work and these areas usually need help with specific underlying issues that we carry forward from the past. Reconnecting with your inner child, however, the child who is filled with love and innocence, allows you to actually start improving as an adult. This type of inner child healing is popularly known to break the patterns of negative thinking. One starts loving themselves more unconditionally. As a result, they become their best-self being more confident and radiant as a person and don’t fear taking the world on.

  1. Coloring Books For Adults Help Transport Them To A Place And Time Faraway

When you have had a tiring day at work and you really want to relax, you just need to take yourself away from all of it. Yes, just bring out the crayons and print the best coloring pages around. When you do so, you’ll simply beat the life’s frustrations and worries and will end up in a faraway place and time where you can do nothing but unwind and relax. It’s like going on a vacation without even leaving your place.


Where To Get The Best Coloring Pages For Adults?

Today, the technology has advanced so much that we can find everything at our fingertips. The same stands true for these coloring pages for adults as well. All you need to do is to perform a Google Search and so many of them will pop right in front of you. Simply go through the options, figure out some of the best and reliable sources, and start screening through your coloring pages. Once you have shortlisted a few that you think would bring you the therapeutic effects you are looking for, download them or directly print them from right there. It’s as simple as that.

When you are downloading or printing your coloring pages, however, it is really important that you only go with the ones that you find interesting and cool for yourself. That’s because you will find coloring through these pages more helpful for you and something that you’d love to do. Otherwise, you might lose the entire plot of using them in the first place.

So, what do you make of the best coloring pages for adults out there? Do you think they are going to do you any good and you should download them and try some coloring? Well, the results have been proven and many adults have found them useful with their amazing therapeutic effects. You may not lose anything at all in trying them for once, at least. Just get to work now and find the best coloring pages around. Do share with others if you start reaping the great benefits they have to offer.

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